Caveat Emptor

I read an article in this morning’s NY Times that suggested the housing crisis might be over, and that housing might now begin to recover. That article inspired the following:

I disagree with the content of this article. I think this is a temporary rise that will be overwhelmed as phase two of the foreclosures kicks in.
Banks are just as predatory as they were before; a temporary reprieve came to pass while they got their paperwork in order and shrugged off the criminal robosigning of foreclosure papers. But they’re now poised to resume the foreclosures because the jobs market still hasn’t recovered. Affecting this is the continuing layoffs of public sector employees that the private labor market simply can’t absorb. A few promising trends are visible; some manufacturers are returning the offshored jobs to the US. But only a few, not enough to reinvigorate the shrunken middle class. The trend is toward fewer homeowners, more renters/leasers of property owned by the wealthier people.
Families that were movin’ on up began movin’ on down; and that hasn’t stopped. So foreclosures will continue, and pressure on the home market will increase as foreclosed properties once again begin to become common.
Something to consider: if Republicans gain power, the banksters that have been paying them will continue to receive favorable treatment. But if the Democrats get in, the consumer might get a break, for a while. But don’t count on much from Democrats; all are politicians, and ideology is trumped by cash. After a settling out, banksters will switch to buying Democrats and the evil process will continue.
Unless we get a determined group of politicians who insist on change, nothing much is going to occur.
People need to become aware that government isn’t your friend; only you can ultimately protect yourself. Social Security under Republicans will push toward ‘privatization’, or in other words the money will go to the stock market.
We can trust market traders, right? So when they get all that retirement-fund money, they’ll take care of citizens, won’t they?
NO politician can be counted on to care for ordinary people. They only interact with us in any meaningful way when they begin running for office. And even then, they soon begin delivering rehearsed speeches with no opportunity for discussion; it’s all one-way, not true communication at all.
The next generation needs to adopt the old slogan: Caveat emptor, buyer beware. And add to it, voter beware. Educate yourself. Take back politics from those who sold it and those who bought it.
Middle class housing is going. Middle class expectation of a good education is going. Upward mobility is fast disappearing. The American Dream is dying, turning into a nightmare, as the middle class lifestyle that was the strength of a nation is slowly being destroyed. Our ‘leaders’ give us platitudes instead of leadership, empty referrals to a time when the nation was strong instead of action to restore that strength. And no real leadership from either party.
Caveat emptor.


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