Political commentary

To me, there’s an issue of character about Romney and also Ryan. Bluntly, I don’t see anything I’d label as character about either. And I’m not at all sure that Romney’s evasions are always legal. Show the records; let investigators dig into them.
Meantime, it may be very satisfying to boot Obama. But what will you replace him with?
What will Romney do? He won’t say. So we’re asked to ‘trust’ a man of no demonstrated character to take principled stands regarding jobs and housing and immigration and education? A man who famously has said he’s not concerned with the poor, that he likes firing people, that he thinks we don’t need cops and firemen and teachers? Who would turn more social programs over to the rapacious healthcare insurance executives and for-profit entities to teach children? To care for old people at the end of life? We’ve see what their objective is: profit. Anything else is secondary. We’ve seen rebates from companies that spend less than 80 of the money they collect on healthcare for people; that, after paying executives tens of millions per year. Trust the man who thinks this is good? A man who led the offshoring of jobs? Who deliberately wrecked companies so he could loot the bones, regardless of the human cost?
No character. No ethic, other than personal profit first. No morality beyond “I’ve got mine!” And no openness from a man who conceals great wealth offshore and who now asks you to trust him.
Obama has made some mistakes by not being bold enough, in my judgment. Romney? He’s going to cost lives and increase national misery by exponential amounts.
It’s discouraging that others refuse to recognize this.


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2 Responses to “Political commentary”

  1. william wallace Says:

    Mitt & Paul live in the real world not a “Twilight Zone” as
    does BARACK /the nation can’t continue upon Barack’s
    path of lie’s deceit / where people’s stripped of all rights.

    Even such precious right of a trial removed, now being
    arrested one has no rights to legal representation one
    be left rot in a prison cell /no trial no court appearance
    deprived of all human rights /democracy freedom gone.

    Your attitude towards Mitt & Paul / rooted of a very bitter
    seed having brought a harvest of words that most unfair.

    • jlknapp505 Says:

      I’d invite you to support your comments if I thought you could. You’ve made sweeping claims but offered no evidence as to why you think as you do.
      Twilight zone? Loaded semantic term, no meaning. Stripped of all rights? A ridiculous claim. Justify it, if you can.
      I told you why I don’t trust Romney or Ryan. I could easily expand on that, or you can google it for yourself.
      What ‘real world’ do you think they live in? Ryan’s been a politician and not much else. Romney has been a ‘vulture capitalist’, specializing in forcing companies into bankruptcy, forcing people out of work so that he could offshore the jobs to Asia, looting the remnants of the company, exploiting the laws put into place by corrupt, bribed politicians. Call it a ‘campaign contribution’, it’s still a bribe. This is your ‘real world’? Hiding the family money offshore to keep it from public scrutiny?
      I stand by my comments. As to yours, I approved them; I have no need to fear commentary, even when you disagree with me.
      When you have reasoned argument to support the Romney-Ryan candidacy, please post it. Tell me what they plan to do about the economy. How about jobs? What about education and the courts and immigration? They plan on cutting taxes for their own class while increasing taxes on the middle class. Do you deny that? It’s in the plan that Ryan brought out of committee and that Romney has said he supports. The Ryan plan also increases the debt, by some accounts by 4.5 trillion, by other ‘only’ about $2.5 trillion. Do you deny this? If you don’t like my analysis, read that of Paul Krugman, professor of economics, Nobel prize winner. He has similar figures and uses the numbers to illustrate where he obtained them.
      They plan to ‘get tough’ with Russia and China regarding trade. They also favor Israel and are prepared to support an Israeli attack on Iran. Is this something you approve of?
      Do you have facts to support your claims, or only something you read on a bumper sticker?

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