Huckabee, and Other Nonsense

Mr Huckabee thinks the murders in Connecticut are because schools are schools, not churches. Make that Christian fundamentalist churches; no others will serve. Oh, and don’t allow any gays or such in. That’s sinful too. And his version of God is against sin, whatever Huckabee decides that sin is.
Good thing God’s got Mike to help him, right?
Makes you want to believe in reincarnation. Really; can’t you just imagine High Priest Huckabee standing on top of a pyramid in Mexico and bellowing “This disaster is because you haven’t provided ENOUGH HUMAN SACRIFICES!”

That made me think about this. A fairly obscure Middle Eastern sect was the one who realized just how mighty and all-powerful their God Yahweh was. Yep, this same all-powerful God didn’t have any prophets in the Americas. Maybe he didn’t speak Aztec or Mayan. No prophets in Asia. Or in Europe. At least, not then. There were probably a few later. You know, after a human priest told them about it? Meantime, they got along with Druids, and High-Lord-Heart-Cutter-Outer. And Odin up in the mountains somewhere, amusing himself by tossing lightning bolts, and bunches of Greek Gods who played flutes and drank wine and fornicated with human women and the odd animal or two. A God of War, and one for the oceans, even. And in Asia, probably someone who claimed to speak for the Wind God, for all I know. Pity the Japanese; they couldn’t think of imaginary beings, so they had to make do with their ancestors and the current Emperor.

I don’t expect anything better from Huckabee, or even Santorum. But the news reporters are supposed to be educated and be able to think. I suppose that there are some who think Huckabee is more than a man with early-onset dementia.

Which, now that I think about it, might well describe most of the ancient prophets.


4 Responses to “Huckabee, and Other Nonsense”

  1. Yasky Says:

    You are one the few he mentioned in his video who will take the contents of what he said literally and misinterpret.

    I was writing a comment but it got so long, I decided to reblog your post on my blog with mu comment as the body of a post. GIve it a read once you get the notification. Tell me what you think

  2. An attempt to explain Huckabee « Tales of The Explorer Says:

    […] is actually a comment to a backlash (by Jlknapp505) on Huckabee’s speech on […]

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