Accepted Behavior

What happened to the idea that an adult was expected to display responsibility? Responsibility for the children you’ve borne, responsibility for the family, above all responsibility for self? When did we become a society that accepted the constant use of drugs and alcohol to fuel empty lives?
Why in the world would we want to respect people like that?
When did talent excuse the lack of ability to confront life? Or the simple bad manners and misbehavior that’s now, by most accounts, the norm? Why allow people who are demonstrably the sort none of us would feel comfortable spending time with to be role models for those who need such?
We’ve built a society that’s rotten at the foundation. And no; religion isn’t the cause or the answer. If there is one, it’s realizing that those who need alcohol or drugs to sing or dance or act simply aren’t worth our time or consideration. Who decide that because others enjoy watching them perform or who hold public office are somehow so superior to the rest of us that they need not follow accepted norms of behavior.
We’ve become a society that accepts, even admires, brats. Even 40 or 50 year old brats.
Not me. Here I take my stand.
Want my respect, then earn it.
I couldn’t care less about your need for ‘self expression’. Want to wear a t-shirt that proclaims that you want to fuck, go ahead. But I’ll ignore you as the useless bottom-dweller you are. Want to wear pants that expose your underwear, OK; you’re advertising, but I’m not interested. No respect. Want to sell tickets to a concert after you’ve been photographed dressed like that? I won’t buy.
I’m simply not going to pay attention to society’s brats. I won’t employ them or buy from them or pay money to see them ‘perform’.
Here I stand. But you must make your own choices. That, too, is about responsibility.


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