Responsibilities, Political Leaders and Citizens

I’ve been thinking. Somehow, our political ‘leaders’ have managed to forget their jobs and how those jobs should be done.

The job is to care for the American people. Period.

Included within that is the need to provide protection for those people. Protection from invasion by military forces, but also protection from natural disasters such as wildfires and floods and wild weather. And where protection isn’t possible, assistance in recovery should be available. Protection from criminals, too, people who prey on others.

And after you’ve identified the needs, it’s then necessary to pay for those solutions. It’s necessary to raise money, through creation of money or taxation.

If the land and water and air are not being protected, our political leaders aren’t doing their jobs.

If old people, sick people, people who have become jobless because of economic fluctuations, veterans, and citizens in general have no medical care or support structures in place for protecting citizens from the economic criminals we call multinational corporations, our political leaders are not doing their jobs.

If our foods are not the healthy sorts that we expect, if our medications aren’t free of tainted drugs, if banksters steal a lifetime’s work due to foreclosures, if gamblers rule the markets that define capitalism, then our political leaders are not doing their jobs.

And if we keep electing these ‘leaders’, then we citizens are not doing our jobs.


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3 Responses to “Responsibilities, Political Leaders and Citizens”

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker Says:

    It is not the government’s job to Nanny sit and the military is not for patrolling the United States. That violate posse comintatus. Free medical health care is not a right. That takes money from hard working people to pay for health care for able bodied people that refuse to work for a living. And for people that broke the law by the way of getting into the United States and we should pay them for it? We the people are supposed to run the government not the other way around,.

    • jlknapp505 Says:

      I approved your comment, even though I disagree. It’s precisely the government’s job to take care of citizens, what you call nanny-sit.
      Only government can rein in the excesses of corporations. Their task is profit, not the wellbeing of people. They also have no interest in the economy other than to extract the maximum possible profit.
      Only government can, or is willing, to do those things, because there’s no immediate profit involved.
      As for hardworking people who refuse to work for a living, many of those same people work two or even three ‘temporary’ jobs for minimum wage. Others continue to apply for jobs, day after day, week after week. Post an opening for ten jobs and there are likely to be hundred applicants, perhaps as many as a thousand. And you cavalierly dismiss these as people who refuse to work for a living?
      As for people who ‘broke the law’ by entering the United States: I’ve known some of them. They risk the lives of themselves and their families crossing that desert, and some of them die. They’re looking to become those ‘hard working people’ you’re so fond of, and they take the jobs that ‘real Americans’ refuse. Installing roofs or repairing them in the heat of a southwestern summer. Picking your vegetables for the owners of farms who won’t provide even minimum wage for workers. Get the idea?
      They’re not ‘illegal immigrants’, at least not at first. Instead, they’re economic refugees. They don’t come for welfare, they come to work, to find a job that isn’t available where they were born. They may later apply to become citizens. And sometimes they serve in the armed forces even before they receive that citizenship. Some of them die before that happens.
      You, of course, insist that this is YOUR nation, even though we simply took much of the land and built the nation on the backs of people who came as slaves and indentured servants. Irish people, also economic refugees. Chinese people, come to work on building the railroads. You conveniently ignore that the people who actually built this country were often the people you now disparage. Economic refugees, back in their time.
      Or immigrants, just as your ancestors were.
      I hope you’ll begin to think for yourself rather than simply adopt a bumper sticker as your source for ‘truth’.
      And one thing at least you got right: we the people, ALL the people, are supposed to run the government. Not the artificial majority that Republicans have built and maintained through gerrymandering of districts and restricting of the right to vote. One person, one vote. Ever heard that? Not from a TeaPublican, you didn’t. You might also have heard of something called taxation without representation? Such as, for example, Republican elected officials who consistently ignore the wishes of a majority of citizens, the people who pay their salaries and expenses? Such that the Congress has the lowest approval rating of any agency, or even of cockroaches? Really. Cockroaches.
      But do you defend that gerrymandering and vote-restricting? It’s not Constitutional, but it serves your purpose, so what say you? Is your complaint really moral or simply a self-serving sham? It’s so much easier not to think; just believe whatever clown from Fox News pollutes the airwaves.
      Interesting name you have, wanderingtruthseeker. I wonder where you find the ‘truths’ you espouse? Really. I have no idea if any reputable economist or even politician can claim all those things without his pants catching fire.

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