Reinventing Myself, and an Update

I haven’t written the last part of the sequence about reinventing myself. I’ve been far too busy.
Soldier. Teacher. Now, author.
In early May I began writing. May 14th, I posted my first installment of what would become a novel. Tepid response. I kept writing. Found I could write every day. On May 31st I began posting my second novel. I wrote them simultaneously; a chapter of one, a chapter of the other, usually alternating days. No writer’s block, and since I was posting something daily, I began picking up fans. Yeah, really.
Finished that first novel on July 17th. A quick edit and rewrite and I began publishing it on a better, more selective site. Still free, but picking up readers.
Finished the second novel on August 26th. And the poop hit the revolving blades.
I got hate mail. Really. I had told readers that I would end soon, then the exact day I would end, and to expect a cliffhanger. As a part of that, the main character apparently got killed off (no body, of course…cliffhanger). Some hate mails, hundreds of letters in support, clamor to continue with book two of the trilogy. Letters came from Canada and Britain as well as the US. Yep, international audience. I began publishing the third novel today. In four hours, that first chapter had been read more than 1200 times.
Production, in 3 1/2 months, more than 100 000 words. Quality, see the emails.
I can write every day, and usually produce more than 2000 words per chapter, sometimes as many as 3500. I have no idea where this came from, but I’m mostly enjoying it!
Indie publishing soon on Amazon. When that happens, I’ll let you know the final titles of the books.
So that’s why I haven’t been updating the blog!


2 Responses to “Reinventing Myself, and an Update”

  1. James Cooper Says:

    How about some titles & a link to these novel?

  2. James Cooper Says:

    “novels”, I mean.

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